Gia – Wedge Licking Foot Worship and Spit (720 HD)



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Gia – Wedge Licking Foot Worship and Spit (720 HD)

720 HD: Gia calmly uses a males tongue to clean off the bottoms of her wedges and feet. She walked outside before this clip was shot in the wedges and her bare feet. She wanted the male to suffer. She starts wiping off her wedges on its tongue. She spits in his mouth to wash the dirt down its throat so her shoes get cleaner. Spitting fans will have to buy this clip. Gia keeps coughing and getting lots of spit into her mouth and spits into the males mouth. She even holds its mouth open with her feet, spits in it, and then shoves her toes in. Shoe licking, foot cleaning, dirty feet, and spit fans will love this clip. The video ends with Gia using it as a toilet. The film cuts out since we can’t show that on but she really did. At the end of this shoot, the male had all the dirt from her wedges, and feet plus a lot of spit and piss in its stomach. He is completely humbled by how she used him. This clip is a previously unreleased classic! Highly recommended! (11:20 long)

Clip contains: Gia, foot worship, shoe licking, dirty feet, spitting, extreme spitting, verbal humiliation.

11 minutes




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