Gisele and Serina – and Ruined Part 2 (720 HD)



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Gisele and Serina – and Ruined Part 2 (720 HD)

720 HD: This is a continuation of the previously released and Ruined. To recap, a slave in a Zentai suit has been restrained with industrial pallet wrap and milked by Serina. In the first session, its orgasm is ruined three times. The previously unreleased footage picks up after the slave has been kept in chastity for a month. It is now time for Serina and Gisele to give it another routinely scheduled monthly release. The male has already cum several times earlier on this particular milking day. The male struggles against its restraints. It knows it will be to cum even more. Serina straddles the males head with her thighs as she and Gisele lube the cock. They admire how much its growing! Its funny how males just cant seem to control themselves! Serina sits on the slaves chest to inhibit its breathing, while Gisele milks the cock. Serina grinds her pussy on the slaves face. She slowly rocks her hips as Gisele makes the cock cum against its will. After Gisele induces the first orgasm, she goes to change her outfit. Serina keeps the cock constantly hard, then goes to change her outfit when Gisele returns. This time, Gisele puts her ass on the slaves face while Serina milks the cock. The slave shakes as Serina squeezes every drop out of its orgasm. They immediately milk him again. They straddle him from both ends. Serina smothers his face in her ass. The slave cannot breathe. Serina gyrates her hips and observes as Gisele continues to milk. (22:00 long)

Clip contains: Female Domination Handjob, Multiple Male Orgasms, Milking, Edging, Cock Control, Zentai, Light Bondage, Face Sitting

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22 minutes




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