Giselle – Makes an Old Man Worship her Feet (720 HD)



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Giselle – Makes an Old Man Worship her Feet (720 HD)

720 HD: Earlier, this old guy started talking to Giselle. He is so old and ugly and Giselle is so hot. It took all his courage just to approach her. Normally, Giselle would tell someone so ugly to go away, but she had a light bulb moment. Giselle realized that she is so hot, she could probably get this old man to do anything. She’s right! This guy is so grateful just to lick her feet! It’s so funny! Giselle is really amused at how desperate this guy is for the slightest bit of attention from her. She realizes that she can get this guy to do anything with just her feet! He looks so stupid! Is he too stupid to realize how stupid he looks? This guy is so excited about feet, he’s like about to gnaw her foot right off. Giselle has to reel him in. “Just my big toe!” Giselle commands. The ugly guy is having a really hard time controlling himself and this really pisses Giselle off. “Do you want me to slap you old man?!” His stupid face is so stupid. Giselle kicks him in his stupid face a little. Giselle is really enjoying this. She demands, “Now take me to the mall, old man. Maybe when we get home I’ll let you lick my shoes. I’m in charge of you, so you have to do what I say.” (11:27 long)

Clip contains: Giselle, foot worship, hot femdom old man, verbal humiliation, findom

11 minutes




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