Goddess Brianna – Twin Step-Sister Twin Step-Brother into Chastity (720 HD)



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Goddess Brianna – Twin Step-Sister Twin Step-Brother into Chastity (720 HD)

720 HD: Goddess Brianna is the matriarch of a femdom household. All the males, including her cuckold husband, in the family wear chastity tubes and are subservient to the girls. The boys in this family all have to do what the girls say. Lola and Danny are twins and Lola has been waiting for this day for a long time. Lola finds a DVD porno in his room and runs and tells her step-mother Goddess Brianna. They both agree that Danni is of the correct age to begin his life of chastity. Goddess Brianna makes him put the tube on. She holds the lock as his twin step-sister closes the lock. Goddess Brianna lets Danni know that his step-sister will be holding the key to his chastity tube. In this house hold when makes reach a certain age they are placed in chastity. Goddess Brianna announces that on the twins next birthday in a few weeks he will be pegged. “It is time for your pegging. It is a rite of passage Danni. Both of your brothers have done it and your step-father has done it as well. It’s time for you. I might let your step-sister PEG you as well.” Lola tells Danni that she wants a new dress for the pegging. The tube they put on him is just a beginner chastity tube. He will have to put on a tighter one in a few days. Danni complains it is too small. His step-mother lets him know that and even tighter one will be strapped on in a few days. Lola snaps the lock shut and giggles. His twin step-sister will keep his chastity key. Goddess Brianna then makes Danni kiss his twin step-sister shoes. He hates doing this. “Do it!” Lola screams. Danni is so humiliated. Goddess Brianna makes him worship his twin’s step-sister’s feet. The girls then plan Danni’s pegging party. Danni is mortified as the girls discuss the pegging ceremony. Lola plans to take lots of pictures in the pegging. She will scrap book it. Lola is a complete Brat to her twin step-brother. Danni is just a male in a femdom house hold. He has to buy her step-sister a dress for his pegging. The clip ends with Lola dragging Danni off to her bedroom. “Come on step-brother lets go play a game.” (10:11 long)

Clip contains:Goddess Breanna, Lola, Danni, domestic femdom, chastity, domestic family femdom, twin step-sister dominating twin step-brother, bratty twin step-sister humiliating and dominating twin step-brother, pegging party planning, femdom family traditions

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