Gwen – Clumsy Servant Girl Spanked (1080 HD)



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Gwen – Clumsy Servant Girl Spanked (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Devon has recently come to serve in the home of Goddess Gwen. Devon has not had much training, shes still a very fresh girl. She still makes impertinent statements, speaks and makes eye contact without permission, and most egregiously is very clumsy . Tonight, devon must dress Goddess Gwen for her date. This proves to be a difficult task for clumsy little devon. She fumbles with the clasp of Goddess Gwens necklace, tangling the chain. Gwen has devon pull down her pants and gives her a quick corrective slap on her beautiful round ass. Devons plump ass jiggles with the impact and the imprint of Gwens hand instantly leaves a red mark on the girls flesh. Since coming into service, devon has been beaten often, but never very harshly. This will of course change now that she is in service to Gwen. Devon drops Gwens lipstick while putting it away, and this is the last straw for Gwen. Gwen lays a flogger on her bed and has devon bend over the bed and look at it. Gwen tells devon that if the spanking does not correct her behavior, then the whip certainly will. Gwen pulls down the servant girls pants. She tells her stop acting like a clumsy little idiot. Gwen spanks devon slowly at first, relishing it. The look on Gwens face reveals that maybe she punishes the girl so very often because she enjoys it. Gwen still has a date to go on, so she doesnt enjoy herself at devons expense for too long. Gwen orders the girl to bring her dress and dress her. Devon rushes over. She dresses Gwen. Gwen gets frustrated with devons inability to fasten the clasp on her anklet. She bends the girl over the bed and pulls her pants down again. This time Gwen spanks devon much longer and harder. She has stopped attempting to correct the useless girls behavior and now simply beats her out of frustration. Gwen realizes the girl needs to be whipped. Gwen flogs devon, but not as long as she generally would because she still wants to make it to her date. She orders devon to bring her shoes and finish dressing her. Gwen gives devon the instruction to have the house spotless upon Her return. Gwen leaves to go enjoy Herself and leaves the wretched girl to her work. (14:32 long)
Clip contains: Gwen, Devon, Lesbian Domination, Spanking, Flogging

14 minutes




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