Hailey and Hannah – Brat Princess Convinces Servant Girl to Worship Feet (1080 HD)



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Hailey and Hannah – Brat Princess Convinces Servant Girl to Worship Feet (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Spoiled Princess Hailey is used to getting everything she wants. Haileys rich step-dad recently hired a new servant girl, Hannah. Hannah doesnt yet seem to understand that part of her new job is doing ANYTHING the boss step-daughter wants. Even if its something as humiliating and degrading as licking Haileys feet. Hailey threatens to tell her step-dad that Hannah isnt doing her job. She tells Hannah that shes had several servant girls before, and they all did it. In fact, Hannah is the only one to resist. Finally, Hannah gives the spoiled Princess one kiss on the toe. Hailey can see the girls will start to break. Her dark eyes light up. Hailey pushes Hannah further. Hailey tells Hannah to lick her toes. Hannah begins to do as she is told. Soon, Hannah is sucking on Haileys toes. Hailey tells Hannah that she is being good now. She wont tell her step-dad on her yet, but if she acts up again she will not hesitate to in the future. Hannah licks in between each of Haileys toes. Hailey loves the feel of the servant girls mouth. She moans as Hannah works. Hailey tells Hannah that shes had disobedient servants in the past. Shes never once hesitated to dismiss bad help, but hopefully Hannah will be able to work hard enough to keep her job. Hannah is trained to service Haileys feet in exactly the way she likes. Hailey reminds Hannah to do exactly as shes instructed, or she might make her angry. Hailey talks about her charmed life while poor Hannah services her feet. Hailey is rich and can have anything she wants. All she ever needs to do is tell step-daddy. Hannah is poor and ugly. She will never have the nice things that Hailey has. She will work hard her whole life and always be poor. Hailey tells Hannah that it isnt so bad, because eventually she will get used to her place. Really Hannah should feel sorry for Hailey. Hailey is stuck with an ugly servant. She wishes she had gotten a prettier one. Hannahs ugliness is making Hailey feel sort of angry. Ugly girls have to work much harder to be pleasing, so Hannah better be a real hard worker. Hannah does her best. She tries to do an excellent job Worshiping Haileys feet. Hailey begins to feel sleepy. She tells Hannah to go run her a bath before bed. (13:01 long)
Clip contains: Hailey, Hannah, Lesbian Domination, Foot Worship, Humiliation

13 minutes




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