Hailey and Hannah – Immigrant Girl Humiliated by Mean Rich Girl (1080 HD)



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Hailey and Hannah – Immigrant Girl Humiliated by Mean Rich Girl (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Hailey plays on her cellphone and ignores her servant, Hannah, as she worships her feet. After worshiping Haileys feet for some time, Hannah speaks. She asks Hailey for an allowance. Hannah would like some money to buy makeup. Hailey laughs. Makeup for your ugly face?! Hailey explains to Hannah that she has all that she needs already. If she were to want anything more, it shouldnt be for herself. That would be vain and selfish. Makeup would be buzzed on a girl as ugly as she. If she were to want for anything, she should want it for others. Any extra money Hannah might have should be put to better use, like buying a present for her Princess to make her happy. Hailey tells Hannah that the answer is no. She does not deserve anything more than what she has. Hailey fucks Hannahs face more aggressively with her foot. She tells Hannah that when she was at the mall earlier with her boyfriend, she noticed a really cute pair of wedges she wanted. Hailey wants for Hannah to buy her the wedges. The wedges would make a nice apology gift. Hailey feels she is owed an apology gift because Hannah had the nerve to ask her for something. The wedges cost Hannahs entire paycheck, which means she will have no money left over to receive her small allowance from her paycheck this month. I still cant believe you asked for makeup. Makeup wouldnt do a thing for you. Mutters Hailey. The humbled servant continues to worship the feet of her boss cruel step-daughter in silence. (12:11 long)
Clip contains: Hailey, Hannah, Lesbian Domination, Foot Worship, Humiliation, emotional cruelty

12 minutes




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