Hailey and Hannah – Spoiled Princess Foot Worship by Poor Immigrant (1080 HD)



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Hailey and Hannah – Spoiled Princess Foot Worship by Poor Immigrant (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Spoiled Princess, Hailey, is very mean to her servant girl, Hannah. Hailey degrades and humiliates Hannah every chance she gets. Hannah makes all the servants in her fathers mansion worship her feet, but Hannah is by far the ugliest. Because Hailey feels Hannah is the ugliest, she is the meanest to her. Hailey feels short changed that she got stuck with an unattractive servant. She has trained Hannah to service her feet in exactly the way she likes. If Hannah does not follow Haileys directions exactly, she is yelled at. Sometimes, Hailey tells Hannah that she is being a good girl, but Hannah still looks very sad. Hailey is very quick to remind Hannah that she will never enjoy the good life she lives. While Hailey is out shopping and enjoying luxuries, poor immigrant Hannah works her fingers to the bone. Hailey threatens to shave Hannahs head. Her hair is so and ugly and it only gets in the way of her worshiping properly. Hailey tells Hannah that if she cant pull her hair back tight enough to not get in the way of her worshiping, she will shave it all off. So, if she wants to keep her ugly hair, she needs to learn how to better fix it. Hailey moans as the servant girl licks her toes. Soon, though, Hannah is no longer performing as Hailey wishes. Hailey threatens to fire the wretched girl. She reminds Hannah that while she is out tonight on a date with her boyfriend, Hannah will be home cleaning her bedroom and toilets. If Hannah does a good enough job worshiping her feet, Hailey might bring her back scraps from her dinner date. Eventually, Hailey goes her date and leaves the wretched girl alone to do her work. (11:01 long)
Clip contains: Hailey, Hannah, Lesbian Domination, Foot Worship, Humiliation

11 minutes




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