Isabella Moms on a date so I am in charge



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Isabella Moms on a date so I am in charge

“Step Daddy can you get me a drink? Moms out with that guy again.” Isabella is in charge and she plans to have fun tonight. “Lick my boots; I had a long day shopping with your money.” Isabella just talks about her day while her step daddy licks the bottom of his step daughter’s shoes. The Brat Princess snaps her gum and blows bubbles and giggles at the spectacle of her step daddy sucking on her heel. “Get the bottoms to!” “Do you think it is serious with step-mom and that guy?” Isabella knows she is in charge. She is so confident. Having her step daddy lick her shoes clean is very empowering. She tells her step daddy she is going to have a pool party this weekend. She starts listing all of her friends and the cuck step-daddy starts getting scared about how big it is getting. “No I want all of them!” She pouts. “No I want them all to come! I’ll call step-mom and all my friends will take turn kicking you in your balls”

Isabella is satisfied she is getting her party and is such a brat about it. Snapping her gum right in his face. The cuck step-daddy starts sucking her toes. “I am not sure what Bikini I want.” Isabella giggles while her step dad cleans her toes. “Jessica has a great ass. I will have to put you in a tighter chastity tube. If you get an erection around my friends it will be so embarrassing. “In between the toes. That’s how we like it. After this you can get started on my panties. Maybe tonight you can watch a porno. Step-Mom says you can’t cum.” Isabella places cuck step-daddy on his back and sits down. She notices her boots are still a little dirty and she makes the cuck step-daddy lick her boots clean again. “They have to good for Billy and Johnny tomorrow at the movies. Don’t you want me to look pretty at the movies?” This clip has foot worship, some shoe worship, and great step daddy humiliation.

“What’s this we missed a spot?” Isabella leans forward with her other boot. She wants it licked clean as well. She spits in his mouth. “You are not doing it right!” SLAP “Do it right!” After awhile Isabella gets pissed with all of his complaining and hops up on his chest. “Do you think I am heavy? How about now? Am I heavy now?” Isabella is very pissed with all the noise coming from him. She picks up her dirty sock and shoves it in his mouth. “How about now?” Isabella is furious. She decides to slap his face 10 times. The step daddy sits there and has his face slapped by a gum snapping, giggling 18 year old. Isabella loves it. She puts him on all 4’s and rides him to her bed room kicking him all the way. Isabella is not a Princess you want to make angry. (21:41 long)

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