Jasmine Mendez – Destroys dannis Face with Big Bouncing Ass (720 HD)



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Jasmine Mendez – Destroys dannis Face with Big Bouncing Ass (720 HD)

720 HD: Jasmine Mendez sizes up little danni. She gives a glance to his pink chastity before throwing him onto the bed. Little danni is out sized and completely helpless to fight back. Jasmine positions his face where she wants it. She bounces and shakes her big booty on his tiny face. Danni cannot breathe. Jasmine laughs at dannis pathetic attempts to struggle. She bounces her huge ass on dannis face very hard. The whole bed shakes with Jasmines bounces. Jasmine buries dannis little nose deep into her butt cheeks. She giggles. Danni starts moaning. Jasmine interprets the moan to mean he wants more. Jasmine bounces her ass on dannis face some more. She squeezes dannis head and neck between her thighs. Jasmine squeezes dannis neck until he becomes very quiet. With danni more docile, she bounces harder still on his puny face. Dannis nose is starting to look flattened and mashed in. Jasmine keeps bouncing. Danni wants Jasmine to stop, but she isnt ready. Danni is too small and helpless to fight back. Jasmine crushes dannis throat with her pussy and puts him in a scissorhold. All the bouncing has made Jasmine have to pee. Jasmine thinks danni would make the perfect toilet slave. Danni moans in protest. Jasmine doesnt care what danni wants. Its up to her, not him. Jasmine picks danni up by his skinny arm and leads him into the bathroom. She commands the little toilet to lie on the tile floor and open its mouth. (9:30 long)
Clip contains: Jasmine Mendez, Female Domination, Facesitting, Ass Grinding, Ass Bouncing, Ass Smother, Scissorhold, Chastity

9 minutes




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