Jennifer and Lola – Queen Bee Humiliates her Minion in the Mirror (720 HD)



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Jennifer and Lola – Queen Bee Humiliates her Minion in the Mirror (720 HD)

720 HD: Jennifer is getting ready for a date. Jennifer is admiring herself in the mirror noticing how beautiful she is. She then notices and points out all of Lola’s facial defects. She is really mean to Lola laughing at and pointing out all of her imperfections. Lola gets so sad. She comes very close to crying. Jennifer is rich and beautiful. Lola is just a haggard poor loser who wants so bad to be Jennifer’s friend. Lola is about to cry from the curt flippant humiliation from Jennifer. Since Jennifer is Lola’s only friend, Lola has to do what Jennifer says. Jennifer lets Lola play their secret game before she goes out on the date. Their secret game is Lola sucking on Jennifer’s toes! Jennifer verbally humiliates Lola as she worships her feet. “No matter how ugly you are you are at least lucky to have a friend like me” Jennifer lets Lola know that she is ugly and Jennifer is rich and beautiful and she has to do what she says if they are going to be friends. Jennifer makes Lola open her whore mouth as wide as she can and stuffs her beautiful feet in it. Lola then asks to borrow Jennifer’s red lips stick so she can play “rich” girl. Jennifer says yes but she has to put it on her. Jennifer humiliates Lola by putting it all over her lips and writing “rich” on her forehead. Jennifer has Lola put her heels on and makes Lola kiss her shoes including the soles for good luck. Jennifer and Lola then enjoy a good laugh at Lola’s face in the mirror. They both realize and agree what a funny thing Jennifer did to Lola’s face with the red lips stick. Lola is left home to do Jennifer’s homework. This clip is amazing. Every Lola fan has to buy this clip. This is extreme female domination of a girl slave that has to seen to be believed. The tone is subtle, dark, and disturbing. (14:38 long)

Clip contains: Jennifer, Lola, extreme emotional sadism, beautiful girl making fun of ugly girl in mirror, foot worship, rich girl making fun of poor girl, psychological manipulation, queen bee a minion,

14 minutes




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