Jennifer and Lola – Valentines Humiliation (720 HD)



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Jennifer and Lola – Valentines Humiliation (720 HD)

720 HD: Lola is helping Jennifer open her Valentine’s day gifts from her slaves. Lola is so jealous. Jennifer gets boxes and boxes of gifts from admirers and Lola is so poor. Jennifer is not impressed by all of the gifts. She is in a crabby mood. Lola opens her Valentine’s Day candy and tries one of the pieces. Jennifer does not like the taste of one of the chocolates and she uses Lola’s mouth to spit it into. Jennifer is so bitchy to Lola. She tries another chocolate but this one she does not like either. It gets spit into Lola’s mouth as well. Jennifer then has a great idea. Jennifer will eat the candies and Lola will get the calories. Jennifer will eat the candies and take all the taste out and then spit the high calorie part into Lola’s mouth for her to eat. Lola is humiliated by Jennifer. Jennifer then puts Lola in human chair position. She puts her feet in her Lola’s mouth and makes her worship her feet. Jennifer is verbally to Lola. She calls her ugly and makes fun of her for looking like a whore. She even mocks Lola for trying to look pretty. Jennifer makes Lola hold some water for her while she writes a note to her boyfriend. Lola then spills the water. Jennifer is so mad at stupid Lola for being clumsy. She throws the water in her face and slaps her with her note book. Lola is so sad the way her friend Jennifer treats her. Jennifer gets tons of gifts and Lola just gets spit on. A Brat Princess classic! Jennifer Lola fans HAVE TO BUY THIS CLIP!!!!!! (14:00 long)

Clip contains: Jennifer, Lola, extreme brat girl, emotional humiliation, spitting, spoiled rich girl poor ugly girl.

14 minutes




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