Jennifer and Mia – Lola Humiliated Before the Dance and Spanked Part 2 (720 HD)



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Jennifer and Mia – Lola Humiliated Before the Dance and Spanked Part 2 (720 HD)

720 HD In part 2 the girls start fixing Lola’s make up. Lola does not have very good girl skills and can’t afford good make up. She is excited that the rich girls are going to do her make up so she can look her best for the party. Jennifer and Mia are being mean to Lola though. She doesn’t realize the girls are making her makeup look terrible. Then they show her new look in the mirror. Lola is crushed. It is so funny. Her reaction is priceless. She talks back. This makes Jennifer write WHORE on her forehead. This is what she gets for wanting to go to the party. Then something unexpected happened. Jennifer was pissed that Lola was mad about her make-up and was saying she would not go to the party like this. Jennifer decides a vicious spanking is in order. Lola is put over Jennifer and Mia’s knee and is spanked. Lola is humiliated. Jennifer really starts spanking her hard. Lola screams in terror and pain. Jennifer is a sadist and loves Lola’s suffering. Then the girls spit in Lola’s face. They leave Lola a crying mess. This is a brat Princess classic clip you have to own! (10:12 long)
Clip contains: Jennifer, Mia, spanking, extreme emotional cruelty to a poor girl by rich pretty girls, emotional and physical sadism

10 minutes




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