Jennifer and Mia – Rich Girls Dunk Poor Girls Head in Dirty Bucket (720 HD)



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Jennifer and Mia – Rich Girls Dunk Poor Girls Head in Dirty Bucket (720 HD)

720 HD: Lola is scrubbing the kitchen floor when Jennifer and Mia walk in. They are in a bad mood. They are upset that a ball kicking slave only lasted 15 minutes. They take out their frustrations on poor Lola. Lola cowers and tries to avoid their wrath. They are mad she is cleaning the floor at the same time they are in the kitchen. Jennifer shoves her face in the dirty bucket water. Lola begins to shiver from being cold. It makes the rich girls laugh. Then they spit in her face and shove her face in the water over and over. Lola begins to cry as the girls spit in her face over and over. They alternate dunking her head and spitting in her face. The clip ended when Lola got too emotional. The end of the clip where Jennifer is shoving her face in the dirty floor water over and over is especially mean. You can hear Lola blowing bubbles in the water. Lola is completely humiliated by the mean rich girls. This clip is devastating for Lola. (8:07 long)

Clip contains: Jennifer, Mia, rich girls poor floor cleaner girl, head dunking in filthy floor water, spitting in poor girls face, ass kissing, mean girls

8 minutes




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