Jennifer and Sara – Couple Seeks Financial Advice from Chastity Counselor (720 HD)



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Jennifer and Sara – Couple Seeks Financial Advice from Chastity Counselor (720 HD)

720 HD: Sara has taken her boyfriend to see a chastity relationship counselor. Hes been complaining every time Sara withdraws money from his account. Relationship counselor, Jennifer, knows that this is not ok. The behavior of Saras boyfriend needs to be corrected if their relationship is going to work. Jennifer tells Sara that her boyfriend is only complaining because she hasnt done it enough. To fix the problem, Sara will need to withdraw more and more money from her boyfriends account. Eventually he will become numb and just be used to it. Danni complains. He has needs, too. He has bills. Jennifer suggests that danni get a second job to cover his own expenses, or get a job that pays better. A male doesnt deserve to have a girlfriend if he cant afford to spoil her. Jennifer suggests that they start the therapy session by transferring $50 from dannis account into Saras. Danni mutters under his breath as the money is transferred. Unacceptable. Jennifer tells Sara to hit his account again, another $50. No! Danni cries out. The more danni complains, the harder Jennifer and Sara hit his account. Finally, danni is quiet. Sara rewards danni by allowing him to kiss her ass. Its time for Jennifer to collect her fees. Danni sits quietly as the counselor withdraws her fees from his account. Sara holds dannis eyes open to make sure he is watching as Jennifer takes what shes owed. Danni gives in completely. He agrees to hand over total control of his bank account to his girlfriend. (9:45 long)
Clip contains: Jennifer, Sara, Female Domination, Financial Domination, Chastity, Ass Kissing

10 minutes




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