Jennifer and Sara – Facesit a Dweeb and Control an Ass Addict (720 HD)



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Jennifer and Sara – Facesit a Dweeb and Control an Ass Addict (720 HD)

720 HD: Sara Luvv rides a little dweeby b0ys face in her hot disco shorts. The little dweeb cant breathe, but Sara doesnt care. It feels good and thats all that matters to her. Sara giggles as she smothers him in her ass. He starts to struggle underneath Saras weight. Finally, she lets him breathe. Sara loves controlling the little dweebs breath with her ass. She decides that shes going to use his face to cum. Its the closest a like him will ever get to her. Sara rides his face hard until she cums. She reminds him that he had very little to do with her pleasure. She pleasured herself through him. Sara reclines, post orgasm, with her full weight on the dweebs face. In part two, Jennifer and Sara taunt you with their perfect asses. They know that youre just an ass addict. They instruct you to stare at their perfect asses, look at what you cant have. Every hot girl knows, ass addicts are the easiest to control. All you have to do is stick your ass out a little, and they follow like behind. They know how bad you want to touch, put your face deep into it. And you can! Just do whatever Princess says. Even a w0rm like you can earn the privilege. Hand over your wallet. Take one step closer. No, in fact, crawl. Crawl around behind your Princess and stare at the perfection that is her ass. What a good little ass whore! Now, remember one thing: This ass owns you. Your only job is to make it happy. Keep staring. Dont take your eyes off these asses. Jennifer gives you a cum countdown. Now, go to their wish lists while your loser dicks still out and get your Princess what she really wants. (12:48 long)
Clip contains: Jennifer, Sara, POV, Female Domination, Financial Domination, Facesitting, Ass Addict, Cum Countdown, Ass Smother, Ass Grinding, Disco Shorts

13 minutes




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