Jennifer and Sara – slave fed toe clippings and Foot Dust (720 HD)



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Jennifer and Sara – slave fed toe clippings and Foot Dust (720 HD)

720 HD: Danni has been turned into a metallic statue. Even his chastity is metal. Danni must hold Jennifer and Saras glasses of wine while they relax. He cannot move his arms. Sara knits while Jennifer uses a callus remover. A slave lies waiting underneath Jennifers chair. He is there merely to receive her foot dust. Jennifer puts her foot into the slaves mouth while Sara uses the callus remover. Jennifer files more foot dust from her feet as she and Sara plan a trip to the mall. Jennifer believes that every Girl should have a ladies night every night, and that if you arent having a ladies night, then you arent really a lady. Jennifer starts planning future ladies nights as a slave licks some of the foot dust from her toes. Sara holds the slaves mouth open with her foot as Jennifer taps their accumulated foot dust into the slaves mouth. Jennifer spits into the slaves mouth. It is just a waste bin for its Princess. Sara tells Jennifer about the wonders of vitamin E infused socks. Jennifer wants some immediately. Jennifer has the slave lick more foot dust from her feet as she plans to build her own in home spa. The Princesses empty a second batch of foot shavings into the slaves mouth. The make foot sprinkle soup by combining the shavings with their spit. Jennifer clips her toenails. She slowly feeds a pile of her toenails to the slave while kicking her feet happily and singing, yum yum yum! Jennifer spits in the slaves mouth to wash the toenails down. They zip shut the zipper covering the slaves mouth. It is to swallow it all. (14:00 long)
Clip contains: Jennifer, Sara Luvv, Foot Domination, Toenail Fetish, Brat Girls, Female Domination, Spitting, Foot Dust, Objectification, servitude, human statue

14 minutes




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