Jennifer and Sasha – Pony Paintball (720 HD)



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Jennifer and Sasha – Pony Paintball (720 HD)

720 HD: Jennifer and Sasha Foxx are out enjoying a nice relaxing ride on their pony slaves. It is a beautiful cool day which keeps the ponies cool during long rides. The ponies are kept naked except chastity tubes and some rope tied cruelly to the ponys face for control and safety. The girls enjoy a nice long ride before they find a tree for some paintball target practice. The girls take turns while thee ponies carry the girls on their shoulders. Sasha and Jennifer have real good aim. They only miss when a restless pony moves. This pony gets a corrective kick when a girl misses the target tree. The girls decide to bring a live slave out to use as target practice. The girls have great aim. The slave gets covered in paint. The slave cries out in agony when the paint balls hits its carcass. The girls laff and laff at it. the girls try some aggressive drawing while riding games. The slave is placed down range and the girls kick the pony into a gallop. The girl draws on the move and aim at the taped down slave in an chair. The girls aim for its balls. The slave is helpless. The girls laff as they steer the pony back to the starting point. The girls take turns riding and drawing and blasting the tied up slave at point blank range. The girls then dismount the ponies for some final target practice. The slave gets a flurry of paint as the girls empty their magazines into the slave. The slave cries out in agony as the girls laff and leave. YOU HAVE TO OWN THIS CLIP! (29:01 long)
Clip contains: Jennifer, Sasha Foxx, pony play, shoulder riding, female domination, target practice, paint ball

22 minutes




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