Jennifer – Motivates a Will Less Profit C0w with Fear (720 HD)



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Jennifer – Motivates a Will Less Profit C0w with Fear (720 HD)

720 HD: Jennifer examines her cows chart. Its in a slump, producing less and less since Valentines Day. Jennifer wont tolerate less and less. She wants more and more. Jennifer gives the unproductive cow a pep talk. The cow becomes increasingly afraid as Jennifer spits in it and slaps its face. Jennifer needs for the cow to understand that its whole purpose is to make her money. If it continues to be unproductive and not generate revenue for its Princess, it will cease to have any purpose. The cow suffers. Please, no more, it begs. Jennifer decides the cow has lost its way and needs re-training. She places her black boots in the cows mouth. She tells it to lick. The whimpering creature licks its Princess boots. Jennifer tells the cow that it will remain on the milking bench until she feels that its worth something. Her concern is that the cow is descending into worthlessness. Worthless things are not worth keeping. Jennifer is gleeful as the thing is shocked over and over. It is so helpless. Clearly the cow wants to provide for the Princess it adores. Also if it is unable to prove its worth, it will be disposed of as worthless objects are. Unfortunately, the cow appears to have lost all will; Even the will to do as his Princess pleases. It has become trash. Happiness is elusive, for both it and Princess. The answer is so simple: Produce. Yet, it is unable to follow even simple commands from the depths of its depression. The creature has been driven to exhaustion. The cow gazes up at the Princess ass. It promises to make her happy. It promises her more money, yet it still fails to produce results. Jennifer ruminates on whether the cow should be teased or punished. Jennifer jumps onto the cows torso. Its going to be never ending because youre my beast of burden. She reminds it. Its not fair to Jennifer that she should have to work so hard to drive it. The beast needs to re-learn to become self-driven enough to produce for Jennifer with the littlest amount of effort required from her. (Full automation is the goal of this industry, but has not been fully realized yet.) Again, Jennifer threatens to dispose of the cow and get another. Being Princess-less is the worst possible thing that can happen to a cow. Theyve been wired to adore their Princesses, and also have lost all other human-like skills and ways of relating. Jennifer increases the voltage for the creatures own good. We have to try. She says. The cow nears orgasm. It is electroshocked. Jennifer is almost pleased. She decides to try some teasing. Jennifer makes the cow stare at her ass as she watches it get shocked. The cow moos with pleasure. Simple creature. Its all better now. It just needed to see its Princess ass. Its bouncing on the edge of orgasm and making money like a good beast of burden. Jennifer is not impressed. She is not convinced the change in production will be steady. She makes the cow promise to produce as she squeezes her legs around its neck. (11:59 long)
Clip contains: Jennifer, Female Domination, Financial Domination, Male Milking, Machine Edging, Bondage Male, Emotional Sadism, Spitting, Boot Domination

12 minutes




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