Jennifer – Poor Girl Interviews to Be Rich College Girls Servant (720 HD)



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Jennifer – Poor Girl Interviews to Be Rich College Girls Servant (720 HD)

720 HD: This clip shows how Lola first met Jennifer. Lola needed a job during school. She took too long to go to the work study office. All the jobs were taken except one. It was a personal assistant job for a particularly rich spoiled mean girl. Lola shows up to the interview and Jennifer puts her right in her place. She makes Lola sit on the floor during the interview. Lola is told she will have to do her laundry, organize shoes, and help her get ready for school in the morning. Jennifer asks her in the interview, “Have you ever been physically punished by your previous employers?” Lola thinks the question is absurd. Jennifer makes a note to talk about that point later. She then tells Lola to rub her feet. She even makes Lola get on her knees. Lola is so desperate for this job. Jennifer tells her to open her mouth. Lola refuses. She thinks it’s weird. Jennifer lets Lola know her feet are about to go in her mouth. She is teaching Lola how to worship. Worship is a very important part of Lola’s job. Lola has to have this job so she lets the foot into her mouth. She then teaches Lola how to lick her feet. She makes Lola stick her tongue out and wipes her feet on it. Jennifer laughs at Lola. She goes through her morning routine for Lola. She lets Lola know that beating s will happen if she does not do what she is told. This clip is amazing. Jennifer is a complete rich spoiled bitch who loves humiliating the servants her Step-Daddy pays for. Lola is a poor college girl trying to work her way through school. Lola will be Jennifer’s personal assistant now. Buy this clip! A Brat Princess classic. (17:21 long)

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