Jennifer – Rich Girl Poor Girl to Worship Feet and Dress Her (720 HD)



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Jennifer – Rich Girl Poor Girl to Worship Feet and Dress Her (720 HD)

720 HD: This was the first time Brat Princess Jennifer used her poor servant girl Lola. “Bob on my foot like a cock Lola!” Jennifer loves to humiliate her by making Lola bob on her foot with her hands kept behind her back. “Bob on it Lola. Keep bobbing.” Jennifer loves the power she feels over Lola. She likes watching her humiliate herself by bobbing her whore mouth on her foot. “You dirty little whore. You like it don’t you?” “Let me see your paws.” Lola is not allowed to wear fingernails. Jennifer wants them clipped short so they don’t snag her stockings. Jennifer has nails so she can’t risk snagging her stockings by putting them on herself. She makes Lola help her on with her stockings. Jennifer is such a bitch to Lola. She wants a perfect line up the back of her leg. Jennifer lets Lola know she will be giving her a beating. Lola then helps Princess Jennifer on with her dress and shoes. “You have to hurry. I have to fit your beating into my schedule. If I don’t get enough time I’ll just beat you harder with the time I have. Open your mouth.” Jennifer shoves her stockings in her whore mouth. Jennifer drags Lola off to her beating. This is probably the hottest Jennifer Lola clip EVER! (11:57 long)

Clip contains: Jennifer, Lola, bitchy brat princess, foot worship, whore bobbing, poor girl dressing rich girl, emotional sadism, poor girl by rich girl, bitchy bratty rich princess.

12 minutes




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