Jenny Jet – Serving in Chastity Tends to Tired Feet (720 HD)



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Jenny Jet – Serving in Chastity Tends to Tired Feet (720 HD)

720 HD: Jenny Jet has just arrived at her hotel. Her stupid servant is doing a terrible job carrying all of her luggage. Hes almost worse than nothing. Jenny talks to her hung boyfriend on the phone while the peon scurries to keep his job. Jennys feet are super sore from walking around the airport. Shes been in heels the entire day. Jenny uses the lackey to massage her aching feet. Shes upset. Earlier in the day the servant dropped a suitcase and all of Jennys shoes fell out. Jenny tells the peon to take a good whiff of her stockinged feet. He is totally humiliated to smell Jennys feet. Rubbing is one thing, but smelling is degrading. Jenny tells him to not lose focus and to keep rubbing her toes. She makes the say that he likes pampering her feet. He says he does, but the look on his face says otherwise. Jenny keeps talking at the servant about her boyfriend. She goes on and on about how amazing he is. Jenny knows the serving has a little crush on her. She loves to put him in his place by constantly reminding him how inferior he is to her man. The servant looks very sad while he services Jennys feet. Jenny makes him take off her stockings. She then makes him strip off his clothes. Underneath, Jennys servant wears a chastity tube. Jenny teases the tube with her feet. She tickles the servants balls with her toes. Jennys entertained. She tells the servant to lie on his back on the floor and open his mouth. It does as its told. Jenny dips her sweaty feet into the open mouth. Shes very amused. Jennys boyfriend would never allow himself to be degraded like this. Its almost amazing to her that anyone would. Jenny teases the servants chastity with her feet. She stands over him and fucks his face deeply with her foot. (17:40 long)
Clip contains: Jenny Jet, Brat Girls, Foot Worship, Foot Smelling, Stockings, Chastity

17 minutes




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