Jessica and Sharon – Danni Breaks Down at Fetcon While Worshiping Feet (720 HD)



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Jessica and Sharon – Danni Breaks Down at Fetcon While Worshiping Feet (720 HD)

720 HD: “Did you see the little pink tiny chastity? I bet we could get him to do anything. What’s his name? Dummy…Danni? It’s ridiculous,” Says Sharon. Sharon and Jessica are talking behind danni’s back while he is in the other room licking all of their shoes clean. Danni enters to ask if Sharon and Jessica need anything else. “Eww. What are you stuttering for? Don’t stutter.” Says Jessica. The girls point out that danni hasn’t yet cleaned the shoes they are wearing. Jessica has danni lick the soles of her rhinestone stilettos. The girls invite danni to go to the mall with them. They want more shoes once these ones are clean. Danni licks the beige soles of Sharon’s platform sandals. They are visibly dirty. Danni confesses to the girls that he has spent his whole paycheck on shoes in the past. The girls interrogate danni about his finances. They find out he has only one credit card with a very low limit. It’s ok, though. The girls work out a solution. Since danni has established good credit, he can get a store card for every store in the mall. Then, the girls can max out each individual card. The girls want to max out a card at Victoria’s Secret, first. Then, they’ll head over to Express and max out a second. But for now, “Worship my feet!” Demands Jessica. Danni is reluctant to destroy his good credit. He clearly needs to be broken down further. The girls decide that he will not be allowed to stop worshiping their feet until he agrees to the plan. They play head games with poor danni until he reluctantly consents to getting his wallet r*ped. (11:13 long)

Clip contains: Jessica, Sharon, Findom, shoe worship, foot worship, wallet rinsing, chastity

11 minutes




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