JI – Cuckold Freed from Gag to serve as Human Cum Dumpster (DVD)



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JI – Cuckold Freed from Gag to serve as Human Cum Dumpster (DVD)

DVD: Jenna Ivory has been humiliating her cuckold by locking a black cock gag into his mouth. He has been wearing the black cock in his mouth for weeks. The cuck gets very excited when Mistress Jenna turns the key to release the gag. The cuckold has associated the release of the gag with positive things, like a feeding. But today, she just needs his mouth. Jenna needs for the cuckold to swallow all the cum after she sucks it out of her friends big black cock. She positions her human cum dumpster close to her on the bed. Jenna wants her spittoon nearby for when she needs to use it. The cum dumpster opens its mouth and waits. Jenna spits into the cucks mouth while she sucks the huge black cock. She takes the dick so far into her throat, she gags. Each time she gags, she spits into the cuck. Jenna jerks the black cocks enormous length with both hands. Just as the cock is about to explode, Jenna takes the tip into her mouth and sucks out all of its cream. As promised, Jenna spits the load into her waiting cum dumpster. She immediately replaces the gag and locks it into place. Jenna and her friend turn on the TV to watch the game. They cuddle in her bed while the cuck kneels on the floor. This clip includes a bonus teaser of Cuckoldress Cameron using her human cum dumpster. (13:34 long)

Clip contains: Jenna Ivory, CUCKOLDING, INTERRACIAL, Female Domination, male cum swallowers, big black dick, chastity, gagging, humiliation, spitting

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13 minutes




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