Kali and Taylor – Foot Licker Humiliated by 18 Year Old BFFs (720 HD)



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Kali and Taylor – Foot Licker Humiliated by 18 Year Old BFFs (720 HD)

720 HD: Best Friends Kali and Taylor hate doing homework. Boring! That’s why the get a dummy to do it for them. But, before he can have the privilege of earning them at LEAST an 84 on their papers, he first has to get his foot worship up to a higher standard. Princess Taylor introduces her Best Friend Kali, who looks gleeful at the prospect of putting the “creeps” mouth to use. Taylor aggressively thrusts her foot into the poor slave’s mouth as she chats with Kali about the dinner with all their friends they will have on the slave’s credit card. They discuss which attractive b0ys they will invite to sit at the table with them, while the poor loser sits on the bench outside and waits. Taylor spits on it’s face twice and eventually the slave protests it’s mistreatment. Taylor gives it a good slap on its face and reminds slave, “You’re pathetic. We don’t want to be seen in public with you. We use you…” Taylor blows a bubble with her gum, “you’re not anything special sweetheart.” Kali muses at the expensive champagne she will order to share with a good looking , bought on the slave’s credit card. Kali concludes, “I want you to lick my flip flop clean before we go back to class.” (10:13 long)

Clip contains: Taylor, Kali, foot worship, 18 year old Brats, Bullying, Emotional Sadism, Findom, Findom, Spitting (3 times), loser used by BFF’s, manipulation

10 minutes




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