Kali and Taylor – Nerd Humiliated by Mean Girls



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Kali and Taylor – Nerd Humiliated by Mean Girls

720 HD: Princess Kali has been walking all over school in her flip flops. She wants danni to lick them. Kali wants danni to lick all the black off of the soles until they are clean. While danni works hard at this, the girls discuss their weekend plans. It’s going to be a great Friday night with danni picking up the tab! Danni also has to lick Taylor’s flop flops. Taylor’s flip flops are extra dirty. Nobody can even believe what a loser danni is. He’s so smart, but he’s actually flunking out of school. He doesn’t have any time to write his own papers because he’s too busy writing A papers for all of the hot girls. The bullying doesn’t stop there. Taylor tells danni that he’s to lie on the floor in front of her locker every morning at 7:30 am. His new job will be to lick the feet of all of their girlfriends, in public. Everyone in the whole school will be watching. Taylor tramples danni as she tells him that he’ll be having shoes for breakfast from now on. She reminds danni that it is a privilege to be trampled on and to lick flip flops. Danni is running out of spit to clean with. Taylor spits on his face and in his mouth a few times, so that he can keep licking. He is so pathetic. (12:03 long)

Clip contains: Kali, Taylor, flip flop licking, shoe worship, Findom, Femdom, trampling, moderate spitting, humiliation, discussion of public humiliation, brat

12 minutes




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