Kali and Taylor – Post Mall Foot and Shoe Cleaning (720 HD)



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Kali and Taylor – Post Mall Foot and Shoe Cleaning (720 HD)

720 HD: Danni is a little tired of Kali and Taylor maxing out his credit card EVERY time they go to the mall. Well, whatever. I mean, the outfits they got were cute and all, but they’re nothing special. OBVIOUSLY they need more. Clearly danni needs to be put in his place. Taylor demands danni suck on her heels. She fucks his face with the heel of her stiletto. She laughs, “Wow.” “Ok, well,” says Taylor, “These shoes need to be cleaned and then we need to get more.” Danni obediently licks the bottoms of Taylor’s shoes and fellates the heel. Taylor turns to her gal friend, Kali. “Let’s have him do yours.” Kali wants danni to do her feet. She’s been walking around at the mall all day. “Your feet are pretty stinky!” Comments Taylor, and they both giggle. Both girls are very critical of danni. They nitpick and find all the errors in the way danni worships feet. He just simply cannot get up to the high standard that has been set. Taylor is impossible to please. She tells danni that he’s going to have to go into chastity before they go back to the mall. She will hold onto his keys while they shop. “So, you better get me everything I want…and Kali…or I might just accidently drop your key.” Taylor turns and explains to Kali, “There’s not another copy of the key, just the one.” (7:01 long)

Clip contains: Kali, Taylor, danni, foot worship, heel sucking, shoe worship, Findom, Femdom, 18 year old Brats, discussion of chastity

7 minutes




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