Kendall and Kimber – Bust Balls over Lack of Birthday Presents (720 HD)



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Kendall and Kimber – Bust Balls over Lack of Birthday Presents (720 HD)

720 HD: Just in case you dummies didnt know, EVERY DAY of a Princesses birthday week counts as her birthday. So according to our math that should be seven full days of presents. Kendalls boyfriend might be stupid, or maybe he just doesnt care enough, but he did not get Kendall a present. Its her birthday WEEK, moron! Kendall is so understandably upset. Now, the ball kicking slave will have to pay for it. Kendall admits that she is just so full of anger over the situation. I want presents all the time! Kendall demands as she kicks the slave in the balls. Kendalls friend, Kimber is really an angel. She has been so understanding and supportive through this whole thing. And, Kimber is a really big help with all the ball kicking that needs to be done. Did you hear that? She wants presents! Kimber contributes. The slave is in agony. His dick flips around like a gherkin in stockinet with the of each brutal kick. I cant stand it when I dont get my way!!! Kendall cries. And seriously, you look so cute today! Kimber chirps to Kendall as she pitilessly wails on the slaves scrotum. This clip is an instant Brat Princess ball busting classic. (6:38 long)
Clip contains: Kendall, Kimber, ball busting, ball kicking, extreme battiness

6 minutes




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