Kendall POV – The First Time I Used a Loser (1080 HD)



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Kendall POV – The First Time I Used a Loser (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Princess Kendall sees losers around her all the time. Shes always thinking about stuff she wants and ways to get it. Sometimes she sees outfits that she thinks her boyfriend would like to see her in. The other day, Kendall saw a loser and an outfit she wanted to wear for her boyfriend. Kendall used the loser to get the outfit in not just the color she originally wanted, but every color. She went home and modeled all the outfits for her boyfriend. It made Kendalls boyfriend really excited to see her looking so sexy for him. Kendalls boyfriend fucked her in every outfit the loser bought. The next day, Kendall told the loser about how her boyfriend fucked her all night in every outfit. The loser was really jealous and hurt. This was Kendalls first time using a loser. She realized, then, that she could use losers for whatever she felt like. After class, Kendall decided she didnt want to do homework. She used the same loser a second time to earn herself an A on the assignment. Since then, things have progressed. Kendall has realized she needs more. She needs more slaves. She deserves a collection. She deserves a collection of wallets to fuck. One just isnt enough. Kendall believes that there is nothing in the world more important that she. Soon, youll believe it too. (9:31 long)
Clip contains: Kendall POV, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Hot Girl uses losers, Emotional Sadism, Feminine Narcissism

9 minutes




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