Lindsey and Lola – Milked and Reprogrammed with Poison (1080 HD)



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Lindsey and Lola – Milked and Reprogrammed with Poison (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Lindsey drops her slave off at the Edging Salon for the first time. She can relax poolside while her slave is reprogrammed. If Lindsey wants to turn it into a cocksucker, it can be made to suck cock. If she wants it to be nothing but a toilet, then a toilet it is. Luscious Lindseys POV videos will be the poison that seeps into its brain. The slave will be to watch its Princess in virtual reality, as she feeds it only the messages she wants it to hear. Lindsey loves the convenience of the Edging Salon. Everything is fully automated. Princesses can simply drop off the minds they want to reprogram, and the automation will allow the poison to seep in deep and quickly. For this slaves first session, he will be programmed for at least three hours. Lindsey asks, what happens if he tries to reject the programming? Lola explains that if he doesnt try to become aroused by the presented material, he will receive a punishment. The punishment is a strong electric current that goes straight through its testicles. This keeps the slaves very motivated to try to reach orgasm. Shocks are also used to prevent slaves from cumming, so they are kept right on the edge of orgasm during the entire reprogramming process. A screen displays what portion of the poison the program is cycling through, so that the Princess and the Edging Salon employees know at all times what it is the slave is seeing. After a while Lindseys slave starts muttering, but eventually it becomes quiet. Thank your Princess, they tell it. Yes, thank you Princess, are you there? It responds. Shes everywhere. (11:10 long)
Clip contains: Lindsey, Lola, Female Domination, Milking Machine, Edging, Brain Rewire

11 minutes




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