Madison – Hot girl Uses Chastity Nerd for Foot Worship and Toilet (720 HD)



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Madison – Hot girl Uses Chastity Nerd for Foot Worship and Toilet (720 HD)

720 HD: The sorority house slave has had enough of chastity. It can’t take any more. But Madison thinks it can. First she has the nerd worship her feet. The nerd is enthralled by Madison’s sexy feet. she tells him about all the things she wants from the store. She wants outfits. Lots of new outfits for her and her boyfriend. The chastity cuck nerd is desperate to please his Princess. she teases the nerd with her amazing rack. The cuck is speechless when Madison takes her top off. Her boobs are amazing and are almost too much for the cuck nerd to handle. Madison knows that a trip to the mall is great ‘cure’ for chastity blues. Slaves can get depressed being in chastity all the time. Madison is all about making chastity fun for the slaves. A trip to the mall gives the cuck slave’s wallet a great workout and he gets to see her smile light up as they go from store to store. At the end of this clip Madison lets the cuck know what she thinks of him when she uses him as a human toilet. The cuck is left utterly humiliated. He is still in chastity. He has a lot less money. Her boyfriend will get to enjoy the outfits he bought for her and he has a belly full of Madison’s waste in its stomach. The nerd will think twice about asking to be out of chastity again! This clip is mostly foot worship. It has some financial domination and boob teasing of chastity cuck. The human toilet scene is simulated at the end but seems very very real. (13:00 long)

Clip contains:foot fetish, chastity teasing and humiliation, cuck pleading to be let out of chastity, boob worship, human toilet, and financial domination of young cuck nerd by mean hot girl.

13 minutes




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