Meana – Uses Her Feet to Convince Slave to go into Chastity (720 HD)



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Meana – Uses Her Feet to Convince Slave to go into Chastity (720 HD)

720 HD: Mistress Meana loves to manipulate pathetic males. She has a young male at her feet. She manipulates and convinces her young male that he needs to consider being in chastity. Meana knows a male locked in chastity is a very compliant male. Meana makes a strong argument for the male to accept chastity. The male is in way over his head. She tells the male that she will do all the thinking for him now. She explains that his life will be so much easier if she decides for him. She will be the decider of him. She wants to take her slave chastity tube shopping. She wants to just go check them out. The male is being convinced to turn over his sexuality to Meana. She will decide when he gets to release. She will decide when to transfer funds from his accounts to Her accounts. The chastity tube will make him concentrate on making her happy. This clip has a very soft manipulative feel to it. Meana talks in a very calm tone explaining to her slave that his life will be better under her complete control. Meana knows how to control males like this one. The slave sucks on her toes during the whole clip. (6:38 long)

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