Mia and Victoria – Blackmail a Math Teacher with a Foot Fetish (Part 1)



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Mia and Victoria – Blackmail a Math Teacher with a Foot Fetish (Part 1)

DVD Quality. This clip is NOT in HD: Victoria and Mia have noticed their math teacher looking at all the pretty girl’s feet at school. They go to his house after school for extra help and to confront him with his foot fetish. The girls tell him they know he has a foot fetish. They want good grades and are willing to let him worship their feet for great grades. Mia sticks her stinky feet in his face and says, “Kiss my feet! If you don’t have a foot fetish it won’t mean anything!” The teacher kisses her feet and it becomes obvious he has a foot fetish. Cheerleader Victoria takes off her stinky sneakers and makes him smell her sneakers. Then she rubs her socks all over his face. The girls continue to humiliate him and to work him over. “Foot worship is best done on your knees”, says Victoria. The much older teacher wearing a suit and tie is to his knees by the 18 year old freshmen. The giggle and snap gum in his face while they rub their feet all over his face. Mia uses his tie like a leash to shove her toes further down his mouth. The girls then decide that their teacher will be doing their homework in their other classes. Victoria will not take off her socks unless he agrees. He gives in and Victoria sticks her toes in his mouth. Mia makes him smell her Uggs and bats his face with her bare feet. Clip contains: School Girl Domination of Teacher, Math homework, bubble gum snapping, bubble gum bubbles, sneaker licking, sneaker smelling, cheerleader socks smelling, older male foot fetish being exposed and by 18 year old girls, giggling, and extreme Brat Princess behavior. (12:26 long)

12 minutes




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