Mia and Victoria – Blackmail a Math Teacher with a Foot Fetish (Part 2)



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Mia and Victoria – Blackmail a Math Teacher with a Foot Fetish (Part 2)

DVD Quality. This clip is NOT in HD: The mean girls use their power over their teacher to settle a score with a student. Mia and Victoria do not like Janet. They want her to get D’s. It is not enough they get A’s they want an annoying girl to get bad grades as well. The girls say they will tell if e does not do what they say. They have complete control over him and they know it. He will lose his job if they tell. The teacher continues to lick their feet as the girls giggle and snap their gum in his face. They tell him they plan to literally walk all over him. Victoria stands on him and shoves her toes in his mouth. The mean girls spit in his mouth and make fun of his soccer ball head. The girls laugh and their teacher. They know he has to do what they say. They place to stop by his office to use his mouth rather then the regular girls bathroom. Mia puts on her Uggs back on and stands on his chest and wipes her Uggs off on his tongue. The teacher is completely humiliated and is now at the mercy of these freshmen. Clip contains: Foot worship, school girl humiliation and black male of a teacher, Uggs licking, trampling, mean girls, brat princess, cheerleaders, gum snapping, giggling, and spitting. (10:58 long)

11 minutes




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