Mia and Victoria – Humiliation of Janitor by Bitchy Mean College Sorority Girls (Part 1 of 2) (720 HD)



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Mia and Victoria – Humiliation of Janitor by Bitchy Mean College Sorority Girls (Part 1 of 2) (720 HD)

720 HD: Victoria and Mia are brutal to their janitor in this humiliation clip. The girls taunt him how his new chastity tube came in the mail and how he is going to be locked down soon. The girls explain to the janitor that he will be expected to help them get dressed for dates and so he absolutely has to be in chastity for the full semester. He will learn to brush hair, paint toe nails and eventually be used as a toilet. The girls make the janitor clean the bottoms of their shoes and tell him right to his face how ugly he is. Then the girls spit right into his mouth. They tell him he they are the boss of him now and if he does not do what they say they will step-daddy to have him fired. The janitor is in quite the predicament. Victoria just sits right on him like he is a chair. She makes him hold her compact while she re applies her lip gloss. Then Mia starts sticking her toes in his mouth while the girls keep going on about his ugliness. The tone is extremely bratty and humiliating for the janitor. They explain how is life is going to be at the sorority house. He will be locked in chastity the whole time while the girls prance around wearing nothing and humiliating him daily. He has to keep the job so he must obey the girls. They are the boss of him. He must do what they say! Clip contains: Human furniture, heel worship, sole licking, spitting, some face slapping, verbal humiliation, taunting, domestic college sorority house slave over view, and rich girl poor man taunting. (9:19 long)

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