Mia POV I remember you Charlie (1080HD)



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Mia POV I remember you Charlie (1080HD)

1080 HD: While at a high school reunion Mia encounters Charlie. She barely remembers him, but Charlie remembers her. Slowly, Mia recalls Charlie. She remembers that Charlie was obsessed with her. Charlie used to carry all of Mias books to class for her. Remember how mean I was? You loved me. And I wanted nothing to do with you. Mia reminds him. She admits that it was pretty mean of her to have spit her gum in his hair while sitting behind him in class. She admits it, but never apologizes. Mia even used to use Charlies locker as her closet. He didnt have any room for his own books, so he had to carry them all day long along with Mias. She would even make Charlie drive her and her girlfriends to the movies, but they would never let Charlie sit with them. Remember when you asked me to go to prom, and I said yes, and then I showed up with my boyfriend? Mia laughs, You were so embarrassed! Mia concludes, You always tried so hardand I just used you. Mias glad she met Charlie, though. Knowing Charlie has taught her a lot. She knows now that the world is full of submissive males, just waiting to be used by a hot girl like her. (3:54 long)
Clip contains: Mia, Femdom POV

4 minutes




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