Mia POV Setting Walter Straight (Humiliation) (1080HD)



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Mia POV Setting Walter Straight (Humiliation) (1080HD)

1080 HD: This video was a custom request. The name “Walter” is used once at the beginning. You need to be set straight. Mia wants to make it clear that she does not want a relationship, to be friends or even hang out with you. She just wants your money. You keep messaging her every morning to say, “good morning.” Mia doesn’t want to talk to you. She doesn’t want to see you. She just wants your money. Mia doesn’t want to hear about your day, or have you ask her about hers. She doesn’t want to have dinner with you. She wants to have dinner with her boyfriend. She doesn’t want to go shopping with you. She wants to go by herself with your money. She won’t go on a vacation with you. Why would she go on vacation with a loser when she could go with her hot and fun girlfriends? You are a loser and ugly and are totally embarrassing to be around. A real man wouldn’t buy and jerk off to a humiliation POV. What’s wrong with you?! Get it straight. No woman wants you. You will never date a beautiful woman. The best thing for you is to just send money so that she can enjoy her life without you in it. (5:20 long)

Clip contains: Mia, Femdom POV, Humiliation, Financial Domination

5 minutes




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