Mia – Sits on Danni and Uses Him (720 HD)



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Mia – Sits on Danni and Uses Him (720 HD)

720 HD: The beautiful Princess Mia loves to humiliate and use Danni. She keeps him in a cage during the day and walks around in a bikini teasing him. Mia loves to make little Danni lick her heels clean. She lines up 5 pairs of heels and one pair of flats for him to tongue clean. These heels have been worn to school, clubs and the mall while shopping. All of the dirt on those shoes Danni will have to lick clean. She sits on him and tells him to stick his tongue out. When Danni makes a face from the dirt that gets Mia angry. She makes Danni hold heels in his moth while she texts her boyfriend. She spits in his mouth to make the dirt go down easier. Danni is too small to fight back. He has no choice but to let Mia use his mouth to clean her shoes. The flats are the worst! They have been worn a lot and are very dirty. Mia really makes him lick her flats clean. After the flats are clean, Danni is placed back into his cage. (13:04 long)

Clip contains: Mia, shoe licking, spitting, extreme brat girls, bikini, licking bottom of dirty shoes, human furniture, and femdom.

13 minutes




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