Mia Sophie and Victoria – Face Slap Princess Tennis (Extreme Humiliation) (1080 HD



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Mia Sophie and Victoria – Face Slap Princess Tennis (Extreme Humiliation) (1080 HD

1080 HD: This is probably one of the brattiest cruelest clips we have ever done. If you like slapping and spitting just stop reading and buy this clip right now. We were on one of our extensive breaks while filming and the girls were just kind of playing with this new slave they just got. They were slapping it back and forth across the kitchen. Then Victoria said, “Maybe we should film this!” LOL! So we got the camera out and started filming. The slave at this point had already been slapped probably 25 times before we even started filming. OMG! We call it ‘Princess Tennis’. The girls slap the slave and then it has to crawl over to the other Princess so she can then ‘return’ it with another slap. It is so much fun! The girls make it kiss their feet and open its mouth and they spit into its mouth. Then a quick hard slap sends it flying over to the other Princess. The dialog in this clip is so bratty and so humiliating it is impossible to list everything that is said. The clip ends with an extreme flurry of spitting that covers the pathetic bald mute’s face. Clip contains: EXTREME BRAT GIRLS, intense giggling and pointing, bitchy freshmen with hands on hips slapping much older mute’s ugly face over and over, bratty verbal humiliation, LOTS of SPITTING! A Brat Princess classic. Just buy this clip. Sorry this clip is so huge! The bit rate is twice our previous 1080 HD videos. The quality is amazing though so we are going to leave this clip as is. Full 1080 HD! (11:26 long)

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