Mya and Noe – Stomp and Trample Boy Stuffed in Suitcase (720 HD)



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Mya and Noe – Stomp and Trample Boy Stuffed in Suitcase (720 HD)

720 HD: Princess Mya and Goddess Noe are all dressed up ready to go out and party. They remember Danni has been stuffed into their suitcase all day. Danni starts begging from inside the suitcase. “Please!” You hear a muffled cry come from inside the suitcase. The girls tell him to shut up! They open the suitcase to give him a little air and then zip him back up inside. Mya steps up on the suitcase and starts spiking him. She brings her heel and crashes it down onto his back as hard as she can. Danni just keeps saying “Please”. Mya stands on him and tramples and stomps him. Then Noe hops up for some trample and stomping. Danni is being destroyed by these mean girls. He keeps asking for mercy but the girls show him none. He just gets stomped harder. They check on him and then zip him back up. Mya just stomps the boy in the suitcase as hard as she can. Goddess Noe loves it. She wants Mya to stomp harder. Danni keeps crying out Please but the girls don’t care he just gets stomped harder and harder While Noe laughs out loud. (7:36 long)

Clip contains: Mya, Noe, trample, stomping, kicking, stuffing small slave into suitcase, and cruelty.

7 minutes




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