Odette – Dannis Little Step-Sister Becomes His Key Holder (720 HD)



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Odette – Dannis Little Step-Sister Becomes His Key Holder (720 HD)

720 HD: Odette has been working out all morning. Her sweaty feet hurt. She calls her step-brother, danni into the room. She needs him to make her feet feel better. Odette makes her step-brother take off her sneakers. She puts her feet in his mouth. Odette makes her step-brother suck every stinky little toe. She enjoys the tickly feeling of her brothers tongue. Odette makes fun of her brothers little pink chastity. Poor danni isnt allowed to touch his wiener. Hes being trained by their step-mother. In fact, for Odettes birthday shes going to be allowed to wear his key. Dannis little step-sister will be his key holder. Odette tells her step-brother that while shes his key holder, shes going to tease him. She knows which girls he crushes on at school. Shes going to invite them all over for a pool party. Theyll all prance around in their bikinis while poor danni is stuck in his wiener contraption with no release. Odette also reveals to danni that their step-mother has promised to peg danni for Odettes birthday breakfast. Odette cant wait to watch step-mom stretch out her brothers little hiney hole. Odette makes danni stand so that she can inspect his chastity. She thinks this one is way too big for dannis little weenie. When Odette is key holder, shes going to put her step-brother in a much much tighter chastity. She does not plan on taking her new household responsibility as key holder lightly. Odette plans to be very strict with her step-brother. And her party this year is going to be the best ever. She cant wait to see her brothers chastity flop around while he gets pegged. After, hes going to have to clean Odettes whole room and make room for all her new presents. Odette tells danni that if he doesnt keep her happy, shes going to bend him over, spread his butt cheeks, and peg him herself. (12:44 long)
Clip contains: Odette, Brat Girls, Foot Worship, Chastity, Taboo

12 minutes




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