Paige – Cuck Learns it’s all For Her Boyfriend (720 HD)



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Paige – Cuck Learns it’s all For Her Boyfriend (720 HD)

720 HD: Princess Paige is excited about her date with her boyfriend tonight. She wants it to be absolutely perfect. The first thing she needs to decide is which bra and pantie set she will wear for him tonight. The cuck bought all three earlier in the day and now he finds out it was all for her boyfriend. One after one each bra and pantie set is tried on in front of the cuck nerd. He helps her down with the panties and helps her on with the next one. The cuck also has to help her with each pair of shoes to try on. Paige is so spoiled she does not do anything herself! Paige has a rule that every time her cuck changes a pair of shoes the cuck needs to kiss each shoe. It is a simple rule but the cuck forgets. Each time the cuck forgets Paige orders another day in chastity. Paige’s tone is very condescending and treats the cuck just like he deserves. The cuck is simply a hand maiden to Paige. Ass addicts will love this video because Paige has a very round ass and you get to see her in 3 different pair of panties. The cuck nerd is to kiss her ass several times during each outfit testing. (14:43 long)

Clip contains: financial domination, ass addiction, round ass, ass addicts, cuckold, buying outfits for Princess meant for boyfriend to enjoy, humiliation., hands on hips with naked cuck on knees being humiliated.

14 minutes




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