Paige – Sexy Intern Manipulates the Office Nerd (720 HD)



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Paige – Sexy Intern Manipulates the Office Nerd (720 HD)

720 HD: Paige is the office bitch. All of the other boy interns are in love with her. She manipulates all of them. This particular nerd is completely under her spell. Paige has the nerd doing all of her work and takes a huge amount of his paycheck. She ups his tithe another 10 % of his pay check during this clip! Paige has him locked up tight in chastity and uses extra days to extract good behavior. Paige makes the nerd lick the bottoms of her shoes clean. She makes him recite her coffee order that he has to fetch for her every morning. The office nerd has an extreme pantyhose fetish. He loves to worship her smelly dirty pantyhose. Paige then puts her stocking toes right in his mouth. The nerd is in heaven! He will do anything for her. He fetches her lunch in the cafeteria and even cleans her office. He covers for her when she goes to the mall for a mani pedi during work hours. Paige is getting a lot out of this internship! She is doubling her pay and learning how to use losers to further her career. (10:46 long)

Clip contains: financial domination, pantyhose fetish, office domination, bitchy intern, foot worship, verbal humiliation.

11 minutes




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