Penny Barber – How to Wrestle a Weenie (720 HD)



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Penny Barber – How to Wrestle a Weenie (720 HD)

720 HD: Penny has decided to make an instructional wrestling video for Princesses who want to learn how to wrestle a weenie. Danni is selected as Pennys wussy for taming. She begins by breaking danni in with a simple tactic: Where the head goes the body will follow. Within just a few seconds Penny has danni in a hold. From this hold, a Princess can easily render a boy . Penny shares a few suggestions for what can be done with the boy. Penny then transitions danni into a half-nelson with a choke hold. Danni taps out. Penny sits on dannis back. She demonstrates how easy it is to swing your legs over into a scissor hold. Boys arent flexible enough to do anything, says Penny as she spanks danni in the scissor hold. Penny shows an example of the full-nelson with scissor hold. Danni demonstrates a tap out. Penny illustrates two starting positions. She then pushes dannis face into the mattress before flipping him into a grape vine. Penny smothers danni between her breasts. Danni is so wiped out. Penny sits on dannis face and bounces hard. She explains, You just drop all your weight down on their face, and its fine, theyre necks can take itYoure fine, youre fine. Hes fine. Penny states that after they are really , the only thing they are useful for is a human toilet. Penny unzips her pants. Itll wash away the taste of your defeat, she explains. This is an extremely good clip. A must-have for Penny Barber fans and wrestling enthusiasts. (10:18 long)
Clip contains: Penny Barber, wrestling, Penny wrestles a wussy on bed, half-nelson, full-nelson, scissor hold, tap-out, grape vine, breast smother, face sit with hard bouncing, chastity, reference to human toilet

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