Penny Barber – Step 1 Sissy Training (720 HD)



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Penny Barber – Step 1 Sissy Training (720 HD)

720 HD: Penny Barber is an expert Sissy Trainer. Little Danni has been assigned sissy training so he can learn to better serve the girls in the Brat Princess Sorority house. Penny is very strict. She first teaches Danni how to stand like a sissy. No more standing like a little army man! He will stand like a girl that he will become. Penny ties some bells to his chastity tube so he can answer yes or no questions by ringing his bells. 1 for yes and 2 for no. This means less talking from sissy. Danni is placed in a posture collar and has to wear stockings! She locks some high heels into place so she cannot remove them. She will learn to walk in heels! Danni is then put in a humiliated sissy dress for him to wear for the girls. Penny puts some makeup on Danni as well. Danni is going to make a great sissy or else! Penny places Danni over her knee and uses a hair brush on her ass. Danni winces from the pain and humiliation from the beating. Sissy Danni is learning what happens to a sissy when she fails her duties. This is a great clip for sissies! (27:18 long)

Clip contains: sissy training, transformation, humiliation, Penny Barber, spanking with hand, spanking with hair brush, putting makeup on sissy, red spanked bottom, locking heels on to sissies feet, chastity.

27 minutes




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