Riley – Teased Kicked Punched and Injured (720 HD)



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Riley – Teased Kicked Punched and Injured (720 HD)

720 HD: Riley has taken a confused slave out of a cage for some fun. Riley loves to mix pleasure and pain. She loves to tease males to erections by stroking and teasing. Then she likes to kick them. She tells the male that he has to keep his legs open when she kicks its balls or she will grab and squeeze the balls hard. She tells the slave to keep its legs open and begins to kick. She stops kicking and uses her amazing ass to tease the slave. She loves to tease and then punch or slap its balls. Riley does not like to be told what to do. She will kick as long and as hard as she wants. The male makes the mistake of telling Riley what to do. This gets Riley angry. She will kick him as hard as she wants! The tone of this video is very sensual. Lots of teasing mixed with vicious kicks and punches. Riley was in charge and this is what she loves to do in real life. Tease and then destroy the balls with kicks and punches. The slave is eventually put in a leg spreader. Now he is completely helpless. He is handcuffed to a pole with a leg spreader. Riley is having fun! Her boots look so hot but they are so painful for the slave. The slave lasted quite a while but in the end the clip ended from a kick that caused damage which exceeded C4S rules. Riley enjoys inspecting the damage at the end. This clip is hot! You can actually see the balls swell up as the video progresses. A Brat Princess classic! (33:42 long)

Clip contains: Riley, restrained ball kicking, ball kicked until injured, extreme tease and denial, ball punching, bitchy bratty ball kicking, boots, liquid leggings, ball kicking with leg spreader.

33 minutes




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