Riley – Teases and Humiliates Little Danni (720 HD)



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Riley – Teases and Humiliates Little Danni (720 HD)

720 HD: Introducing Princess Riley! Riley is a spoiled Princess. She uses beta males to make her life easier. She is a big believer in chastity and removing the self-esteem of her slaves. This clip shows Riley making Danni lick her shoes clean so she can look her best for her boyfriend. Danni looks so small next to Riley who towers over him. Riley now starts to really work him over. She plans to exploit him to her maximum financial advantage. She starts to tease poor Danni. She makes fun of how he is locked in chastity and teases him. She knows the more turned on Danni is the easier it will be to get money and eventually complete paychecks form him. She lets Danni know that her boyfriend gets to fuck her whenever she wants and Danni will be locked up tight. Riley wears Danni’s chastity key on her belly ring. Riley rubs her amazing ass up against his locked up cock and balls. This drives Danni crazy! Riley is not done yet. Riley wants her skin to be soft for her boyfriend. She makes Danni rub lotion all over body. This is agony for Danni. Danni rubs the lotion on her legs and ass while Riley emotional degrades Danni. Then she makes Danni rub lotion on her stomach. He has to be care full not to touch his chastity key which is hanging from her belly ring. Danni is going to be used up fast by Riley! (12:25 long)

Clip contains: Riley, bikini goddess, shoe licking, dirt swallowing, cuckold verbal humiliation, financial domination, ball tickling, chastity teasing, rubbing lotion on goddess while stuck in chastity.

12 minutes




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