Sarah – Pink Stocking Humiliation Part B



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Sarah – Pink Stocking Humiliation Part B

Part B: (6:28 long) Princess Sarah starts off spitting in the losers mouth and makes him lick it up off the floor the spit that misses. She then stands up and haves the slave licks the soles while she has her leash over her shoulder. She fucks the slave’s mouth with her heel while the Princess grins ear to ear. “There is a piece of hair on my foot! Get it! Faster oh oh”! She mocks the slave as she fucks his mouth with her heel looking over her shoulder sounding like a girl getting fucked hard. Then she spits in his face rudely. The shoes then come off and the last 2 and 1/2 minutes of the clip she stands on his chest with her pink stockings. Now she lets the slave have it. Her Friends Lucy wanted money at the mall and he asked her what she needed it for. Now Sarah is pissed. Speed training is what she wants. She stands on his chest and makes the slave react to her demands. “Give me money. I want shoes! The slave is in agony as the Princess stands on his chest and makes him feel worthless. She squats down and spits repeatedly in his mouth. She even clears her throat and spits the flem right in its mouth. Complete Degradation.

6 minutes




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