Sarah – Pink Stocking Humiliation Part D



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Sarah – Pink Stocking Humiliation Part D

Part D: (13:16 long) Princess Sarah finally gets of the slaves chest as she demands the slave smell her feet. Great close ups of her feet through the pink sheer hose. The Princess then puts her feet right in his face as she rubs the stocking over his face over and over. “SNIFF!” She shoves her stocking foot right in his mouth with the other rested on his face. Sarah is hands free as she has its leash wrapped around her thigh. Princess Sarah spits in his face and then spits on the top of her foot and he sucks the spit up. Sarah feeds the spit off the top of her foot as she spits on the stockings. Sarah then takes the stockings off her beautiful leg and balls them up and shoves them right in his mouth. The slave has to clean her toes first all sweaty from being trapped in her stockings all day. More spitting over and over in his face. Flem from coughing right in his face. “Stick your tongue out: The stocking then gets shoved right in. Princess gets a real phone call from her friend. “Guess what, I am stuffing stockings in some guy’s mouth right now so can I call you back?” So funny/ after the call the stockings get stuffed in. The next stocking is removed and stuffed in his mouth. That one gets pout in inside out. Sarah really has to stuff it in. “Cotton candy mouth your a regular fairy” Now say fuzzy bunny” Princess laughs as the slave mumbles into her stockings. The Princess then places her sweaty toes under his nose s as she keeps the stockings further into his mouth. “You look so ridiculous. You are a pathetic. Look at this. You have pink stockings stuffed in your mouth.”She spits right in his mouth. Sarah had to leave for a bit after this shoot. She actually taped his mouth shut with the stockings for close to 2 hours while she fucked her boy friend.

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