Sarah – Tease and ball beating bitch



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Sarah – Tease and ball beating bitch

Princess Sarah comes home and notices Sasha has stepped out for a minute to shop and left the slave tied up for later use. Sasha left a note with strict instructions for Sarah not to touch her slave’s nuts. She needs them tonight. Leaving a pair of unprotected testicles out is too much temptation for Sarah. First she feels bad for the slave from the previous week’s ball kicking party. So many kicks, so many girls, so many turns, but just one ball bag. Sarah feels sorry for the slave and rewards him with a sexy teasing hand job. She lubes him up and jerks him over and over getting close to cumming and then whap! She punches his balls! It’s so funny! This continues. Jerking, teasing, pleading and then whack! His balls get kicked. She eventually slides of her panties and stuffs his mouth to keep him quiet. She feels bad for stuffing his mouth with her panties but he needs to stay quiet and this will help. “That’s why they call it a bag!” she giggles after a good hard punch. The slave gagged and restrained can only plead with his eyes to the Princess for mercy. She gets him right on the brink and Sarah simply steps back and kicks hard. She whispers in his ear and caresses his body and then knees his balls hard. Part 1 is very seductive with lots of teasing and then ball beating. The slave gets close to cumming and Princess slams her knee into his balls hard. She talks seductively in his ear and teases him and then wham he gets kneed or wham his balls get kicked. The slave is going through intense pleasure and pain. Part 1 ends with some terrific kneeing. Part 2 Sarah begins merciless ball kicking. She talks in a slow sexy teasing way through out this video. She announces, “I am going to kick you now. Umm…3 no 5 times.” The slave gets kicked so hard. “Oh you look so sad.” She talks to him so sexy. She is so sadistic and calm as she delivers kick after kick. The slave is quivering still hoping for a orgasm that seems more and more unlikely. “Ok this time for real you get to cum” She starts jerking him again and then the punching begins again. Sarah does some impromptu POV as she looks into the camera and talks to the viewer as she begins the ball pounding with her tiny but hard Princess fists. She mocks his cries and begins some vicious ball kneeing. She makes little sexy gasps and breathes into his ears and then kicks him so hard over and over into his balls. She gives him a little peck on the cheek and then wham. This video has constant teasing with sharp blows to the balls to a help less bound slave. Her taunting is so sadistic as she kicks again and again the ball bag. Part 2 ends with a vicious hard face slap for spitting out her panties (Complete 27:32 Long)

27 minutes




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